想必不少中国学生在澳洲读书时都遇到过Email-communication的经历。作为Non-native speaker,因为不熟悉Email-communication的各种规范和禁忌,在和申请学校联系、和教授套磁、向外教要邀请信或者申请Internship时,真 · 凉了都不知道怎么凉的。那么在澳洲(或者英国等其他国家)Email-communication时千万不要犯哪些禁忌呢?本文ENLUNWEN澳洲代写小编为大家分享留学必知英文邮件规范与禁忌以及附邮件范文。







千万不要在邮件主题(Subject)中简单地丢下一个“Help”或者“Hello” 或者“Question”!

请简要概述邮件内容,如给导师写信问问题:“Query about case study in Clinical Skills lecture.” (如果要询问某节课的问题,最好把该节课的具体时间附上)

如在申请工作或实习时,写明你要应聘的岗位: “Application for Library Assistant post ref: LIB/6291.”


给比较熟络的导师写信时可以用“名”来称呼,否则就要用“姓”(如Dear Dr. Miles)。


  1. Dear Sir or Madam
  2. 对方的职位名称:如Dear Sales Team, Dear Admissions Office等(如果用To whom it may concern则显得太过正式,也会暴露你对收件人没有做过调查和了解,因此Blue建议在写email之前尽可能了解对方信息)


在开篇打招呼以后,尤其是需要有求于人的,可以在邮件的开头(第一句)加上I hope you are well/ hope this email finds you well/hope this email finds you in good health以示客气,大意为“希望您最近过的不错”,是常用的客套话。


一切正式邮件中都应该避免像YOLO(you only live once)或ROFL(rolling on the floor laughing)等等非正式用语。




如果向对方提出要求,一定要加上Please & Thank you!




1. 留出互动(邮件往来)的余地

邮件最后可以添加一句Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me或者Let me know if you have any issues with (…),保证对方能够对你有充分的了解,也让对方看出你对申请的重视。(如果稍微有点着急希望收到对方回信的话,可以适当地加一句I look forward to hearing from you!)

2. 合适的结尾


关系非常友好的– Best Wishes

礼尚往来的– Kind Regards

礼貌且热心的– Best Regard

注:简单点的可直接使用Best或Regards;职业上较为正式的– Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully…

(2)给(不知道对方具体姓名的,Dear Sir or Madam)应聘公司HR写信时可以用“Yours faithfully,”

(3)给(知道对方姓名的,Dear Dr. Smith)应聘公司HR写信时可以用 “Yours sincerely,”





Professor [Name]/ Dear Dr. [Name],

(I hope this email finds you well.)


My name is […]. I took your [Course name] course last semester.


You may remember me [e.g.coming to your office hours after every test to go over some of my wrong answers/ discuss essay prompts / etc.]


You may not remember me [e.g. because I tend to put my nose to the grindstone and study on my own.]

【如果和教授从没有课下的接触, 可以简要地为自己开脱】

[Course name] was a very challenging subject for me and I was proud of the [Grade, e.g. A-] I received in your class.



I am currently in the process of applying to [University/College/School name] and I am trying to gather a few letters of recommendation.


Because I enjoyed [ e.g. your class and teaching style so much/ your research/ etc. ], I decided to start by asking you. Would you be able to write me a strong letter of recommendation for my [University/College/School name] application?


Because of the way I study it has been difficult for me to develop a relationship with my professors. I enjoyed [your class and teaching style very much/ your research/ etc.], so I decided to start by asking you. Would it be possible for us to meet and discuss the possibility of you writing a strong letter of recommendation for my [medical school] application?



I would be more than happy to meet with you at your convenience. Of course I would also provide my personal statement, CV, and any other material that you would like.



If you don’t feel comfortable writing me a strong letter of recommendation, please don’t feel obligated to say yes. I completely understand.


I realize that writing a letter of recommendation would be a burden on your time and it means a lot to me that you would take the time to read and consider my request.



[Your Full Name]

【结尾附上自己的全名(可以加上自己的联系电话、Student Number等有关信息)】



Dear Professor XXX,

(I hope this email finds you well/ I hope this email finds you in good health)


My name is XXX and I am writing to you as a prospective student in your Bioengineering Ph.D. program at Stanford, commencing in the Fall of 2012. I attended your presentation in Langer Lab Seminar this November and I am particularly interested in your research that is directed towards designing novel approaches in decoupling biochemical and mechanical properties of cell scaffolds using the microribbon-like hydrogels, and mixed co-culture enhanced cartilage matrix production.


1. 简要阐明自己的身份

2. 套磁的动机

3. 自己与教授认识的契机


Currently, I am a graduate Materials Science student at the University of XXXX and currently carrying out my master research at the University of XXX, focusing on novel formulations for ultrasound-mediated drug delivery mechanisms in gastrointestinal tract.

As a side project of interest, I also brainstormed and designed a research plan of developing a biomimetic scaffold for interstitial cells in GI smooth muscle to study its electrical-signal properties for the purposes of treating obesity and GI disorder. I would like to pursue doctoral researches in an area that combines both engineering and biology, and am fascinated by the research that is being conducted in your group.


1. 简要阐述自己的研究领域、背景

2. 之后的研究方向是如何与目标教授相关的


During my undergraduate experience in Oxford and summer internships, I have acquired a wide range of laboratory techniques including scanning electron microscopy, confocal microscopy, rheology, electrospinning and tissue dissection. I seek your guidance on opportunities for research in your group as a new PhD student in the Fall of 2016, and your opinion on how my research interests align with those of your lab. I am attaching my CV and would be grateful for the opportunity to speak with you in the future.


1. 大概阐述自己的技能

2. 以及这些技能如何辅佐自己胜任职位

3. 附上CV!!!说再多的话教授就不会看了,最多看一下你的CV,感兴趣了就会联系你,静候佳音即可。

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,